First Festival Win!


"Someone once told me that if I had to lose, lose to a dog movie"

A year ago, I skipped the CCH Film Festival because I was on set filming Rasa Sayang and now here we are at CCH Film Festival 2017 where I get to blank out during my acceptance speech for winning the entire festival. While the Gold Selection trophy was not for Rasa Sayang and was for Starting From ScratchRasa Sayang was also an official selection at the fest in the "Leading Ladies" category. I am sincerely thrilled that people resonated with both films because as a storyteller, nothing pleases me more than that. Needless to say, I am beyond proud of both work.

I want to, once again, thank everyone who worked on or/and supported the film in any way because this victory is as much yours as it is mine. I know that I've joked that "I didn't come here to make friends, I'm here to win." but really, this is nowhere near from the truth because I know that without the friends I have by my side, I wouldn't even dare dream of winning. I was very blessed indeed to have people who are talented and cared as much about the projects as I did. 

You can watch Rasa Sayang here

Starting From Scratch will not be available online anytime soon as I have other plans for it. I will, of course, keep you posted if it ever is. 

The quote above was from a fellow contender who congratulated me after the award show. Congratulations also to my fellow contenders and everyone who had their films selected for the festival!