Ongoing Projects

My insatiable thirst for storytelling means I constantly find myself neck deep in work and projects but I've come to realize that that is what makes me truly happy these days. Here are some of my new babies:


Musical Journeys: From Malaysia To Los Angeles

This documentary is about three Malaysian musicians in Los Angeles, their journeys to success and now their mission to bring more Malaysian talents to Hollywood. 

Zee Avi, Alvin Wee and Rendra Zawawi made up the team behind the award-winning soundtrack, “Arena Cahaya” for Malaysian film, “Ola Bola”. This trio of powerhouse musicians, based in Los Angeles each have their own humble beginnings and this documentary sets out to explore how their past got them to their present and what they are doing now for fellow Malaysians back home. 

Khim Teoh from my very first documentary, Rasa Sayang, is executive producing this one.

Sam Tans Kitchen.jpg

Untitled Sam Tan Documentary

This documentary follows Samantha Tan, an actress by day and a chef by night as she work on developing her special sambal sauce for stores. You can read all about her and watch a 30-seconds teaser on my blog post, Chey News!